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Beauty In Everyday

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Oh the beauty in slowing down. Being witness and honouring the mundane, everyday stuff; it's what keeps me grounded. I write this to bird song this morning. A symphony chorus that's grown louder each day as Spring evolves. It's been the sound track to a very slow month for us.

As I wrote a few weeks ago, we had to take some steps back. Slowed right down. We've spent the time just at home, nourishing food, care, rest and recovery. I was reminded more fiercely of the fragility of our world. The sharp pecks of grief in amongst the birdsong. Yet journaling each morning to their melody, has deeply affected me. Opened up time for deeper reflection. Realising self work and self care is never done, it's an evolution and ongoing process.

By slowing down, the way we've had to, by having deep gratitude for all around us, has changed us beyond measure. It's what has helped us through the toughest of times and still does carry us through each day. It sounds simple.  Because it is.  Imagine, all the beauty and goodness of the world simply appearing before you by staying still long enough to see it; to notice it.

By staying present, in the moment, conscious of every move and detail, enables us  to have the deepest gratitude and thanks; it shifts the ways of seeing.  It's made me a more rounded human, with a deeper understanding of what it means to be alive.

Slowing down opens up a fresh way of being within, a quietness. A space for the whisperings of your soul to be heard; to flourish. We grow by slowing down. Rob and I are are living proof that what we focus on expands; the more grounded and positive we are, the more positivity comes our way, albeit in small doses! The more gratitude and thanks we express for all we have; the more goodness comes into our life. 

As it's all there for us already, if we choose to see. The soft smile of a stranger. The smell after rainfall. The song of rain fall in fact.  Fresh clean sheets, that have dried outside. The sun rise in morning. The gentle touch of a loved one. A forehead kiss.

I understand, for many, it is not easy to be slow when the world demands so much of us. All around us is running at a pace that's intense. We live in an ever switched on society with pressures through work, children, family, where do we find that time for ourselves? Yet it only has to be a few minutes each day. To be still, to give thank. To be still, mindfully slow. As when we are run ragged, that is when gratitude can truly support us.  Instead of the bemoaning all we can't do, don't have, want to do, to reflect on what we do have; that's powerful. It can offer perspective in the darkest of times. 

And once you have perspective, you see beauty. Everywhere. Even in the tiniest of things. The daily practice of slowing down with gratitude not only helps with our mindset, it can help with our self esteem too.  To look at how much you have, how far you have come, regardless of what you may be going through.

If you can, I encourage you, to slow down. I share our ethos, as perhaps this could help you too. It could even help us move forward as a society. The changes we need in the world, all start within us. So. Breathe deep. Embrace your senses. Cherish every moment. Be thankful for being here. For your body, for carrying you through to another day.  Full of wonder, full of grace, for all you have in this moment. As many don't have the gifts and pure love you have.  And that practice, I've found, is simply enough. And where the true magic of living starts to happen.

Slow down, gather MOSS x