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More Than Just A Brand

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Well, hello there.  For want of a better excuse I've been hiding from writing on here, for many reasons. Mainly, I have been more drawn to the quick succession of Instagram Stories when sharing something deeper and about our life experiences.  For those that don't use the app, it's a 24 hour stream, where something can be aired and then disappear into the ether.

This suited me just fine. We have a loyal following on social media (I love you all)  and many wonderful folk have supported me sharing our insights. Yet I recognised that this simply isn't good enough.

I have been doing myself and other women a disservice by not stepping into the place I know I can hold. Going against our mission with MOSS. I have been playing small, when in reality I have the power and the strength to hold my own and not just in the safe confines of Instagram.  There is a whole world out there.

It’s time to be bolder. It’s sharing all of me on many platforms. It's not always comfortable. Identity has always been a deep rooted quandary for me, yet one of our many missions as a brand is for the marginalised to be seen. To have your voice heard. No matter who or what your tale of woe. Or whatever your heritage. Or whatever your ability.

After a few weeks of uncomfortable discourse and a heightened awareness of how quickly unconscious bias can escalate into something more, I recognise my responsibility more vehemently than ever. It's time to show up, speak up. Be a louder voice for those who don't have an outlet or platform.  

I’m doing all I know how. Allowing myself to be seen now. To take my spot. To jostle for one if it's not offered, instead of meekly wondering 'if only'. Hold my place within this world, as I’m worthy of being here.

We all belong. We all matter. We all have a right to live the life we wish. There’s room for us all and if we all looked the same wouldn’t we get tired of looking at each other? Enough of the cliques and tribal gatherings. Break it down, we all bleed red. Same same just different ways of being, a human being. 

Therefore get ready to see more of me.  I will advocate for Rob until his speech is more fluid, but get ready to hear both of our voices more. About disability awareness, to look at the value folk have to offer, all through our unique lens.

Our world is a smaller place when it really shouldn't be and we are on a mission to highlight our experiences with brands and companies, regardless of size, to start encouraging more inclusivity.

I hashtag every social post with 'more than just a brand' as frankly, we are. We offer courage, hope, guidance, solace in times of need. Dare I say it; inspiration to others. As well as selling beautiful wares with provenance.

But now it's time, to make some change within that. As we are whole lot more than a brand.

Watch this space x