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MOSS Local Wellness

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When I first arrived in Lincoln, I stumbled across the delightful Grace and her Yoga sessions held in a hired space.  Not a Yoga expert, I've had a few years of attempting to get my heels flat in downward dog (I think this will be my life's quest), knew what style of class I liked and what I wanted out of a session.  

Thankfully, Grace met my needs and more; her sessions are the wonderful balance of yoga philosophy, spiritual guidance and a bloody good workout.  

I found her classes at a pivotal point on my journey and I am proud to have followed Grace on her's.  The classes are no longer held in a hired room, but in unique space, dedicated to all goodness for the body and mind.

Central Wellness is based on the outskirts of the city and is rapidly growing into the city's hub for all the nourishment you need for your soul.  From physio sessions, massage therapies, through to a variety of different Yoga classes, the studio is a welcoming space with a growing mix of practitioners.

Balancing life as carer means my needs don't always come first, but when I can, I show up on the mat, making time and space for me.  And we can all do with a bit more of that.

The studio is now in full swing and classes or sessions can be booked online, check it out.