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Hello third trimester.  I've made it to the final stretch and frankly after insisting I would wear my usual wardrobe for as long as possible I've succumbed to maternity wear! It's tricky to feel good with an ever changing shape and body and with a distinct lack of refined pieces for mum's to be. Stripes and jersey fabric and unflattering offerings seem par for the course, so I have been on a mission to find a balance of mixing what I already own with a few updates that will last me. After an initial insta stories about this topic, the response was lovely, and  many were asking for my thoughts and insights, I thought I'd share as a post here. Sharing my moments of style

After years of working in the fashion and production industry, I am acutely conscious of provenance and the impact our consumption. Hence I have done my utmost to buy from closer to home and support some wonderful home grown brands in the process. Not only that, but I wanted to invest in pieces, buy less, buy better and items that will most definitely be worn beyond the bump.

Here is an insight of stuff from before, with a few additions due to ever growing and changing shape.  

Before & During//Staples


The cocoon jumpsuit has been in my life since 2016 and it has pockets. Important information. Each year since meeting Paris and finding out about her lush brand, I try my best to invest in an additional piece. The shift dress from last season is still just about in my go to, but as with all the styles, can be layered up or worn alone. Simple, stylish and super practical heavy linen for everyday, each piece is made to order and can be adjusted to your size requirements in body length and leg length. Not only that, but a palette of colours. Must be frank though, I am faithful to black. All hand cut and made in Lincolnshire, England.


Another jumpsuit. There is a theme, you can't say I am not consistent. This one is a little more sleek in styling with wider leg. Lightweight linen, I love that it can be dressed up and have worn with heeled clogs for lunches out or meetings. Or just as easily worn for an easy weekend. And again, it has pockets. I bought it a size up, so it has seen me through and will do until baby arrives! And after chatting to the wonderful Nadia, it's now an 'off menu special'. It feels like I am in a super unique club that only gets to know, if you know. And now you know.  Ask for the Syreeta Overalls and it will be made just for you. Made in Rutland, England.


Navy Grey

A classic, crew, oversized black jumper.  A new brand, founded by Rachael who I had the pleasure of meeting last year. Can't go wrong with this oversized yet classic shape. Only bug bear is the lack of diversity in body shapes and curves on the online store, but see past this and you're on to a lovely new jumper journey. I bought a large and this was a lovely oversized fit and now more snug as bump has grown. Made in Portugal.



Cabbages & Roses

A brand I have been lusting after for years and never had a reason or cash flow to invest. Yet for a very special event, I spotted this shape in the sale, in black and it worked perfectly.  I sized up and it fits well regardless of slightly bigger and work dressed down with a pair of white kicks, then dressed up with a pair of gold pumps. You guessed it, it has pockets too. All made in England, it is eye wateringly pricey on some styles, yet the sale pieces are worth snapping up. I'll most definitely be wearing this post bump! This pink one is on sale now too. Made in London, England.



`Syreeta Cabbages & Roses

Isabella Oliver

A brand that is new to me and with specifically maternity style pieces, this has been a life saver now I am bigger. The Alexina polka shirt dress has been a winner, when in London a few weeks ago and needed look good for an event and feel good! Oh my it worked a treat, lots of lovely compliments and it made my bump look chic. I even bypassed the fact it doesn't have pockets due to the love it received. I was kindly gifted this piece when I met the team recently. If you're in need of office suitable attire or something for an event, this would be the go to for classic bump enhancing pieces that don't make you feel like a trussed up pudding. And this dress would also work for post baby, breast feeding and beyond. Made in Portugal and I love that they are open with their factories and share fabrications with their sister brand Baujken too.  



Other than these highlights, most of my t-shirts and blouses have been baggy enough to see me through majority of my pregnancy. Knitted dress have been brilliant too, as the rib knits adjusting to my growing curves and fuller body. 

I was kindly handed down a pair of maternity jeans by a dear friend and a couple of tops have been give to me too. Which is a lovely way to support a friend and ensure the items don't end up in landfill just yet. The maternity jeans have been a life saver and can recommend Topshop & Zara, as I have struggled to find a European brand. Anyone who knows otherwise, please do let me know! 

The whole process of growing a human is one that I never thought I'd have the pleasure of knowing. I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to type this and share with you all. It's given me a deeper respect for my body. I move forward in the final trimester with grace, a bit curvier, thankful for having made it this far and feel more confident too. Lumps and bumps have appeared and for once, I have celebrated them.

I do hope for those who were keen to know find this post useful, l'd love to hear from you x