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Summer is most definitely here. The balmy evenings, making it feel like we should most definitely be eating outdoors. And now we have moved, we finally have a little garden, a space to call our own! The novelty has yet to wear off.

And after the heatwave over the past weekend, it turns out I wasn't simply hot.  I somehow have caught a virus and infection, being given strict instructions to rest. Easier said than done when one has to balance caring in amongst all this.  The work and cleaning can slide, yet I have to ensure we all eat and eat well, especially when I am on antibiotics.

This is where no cooking cooking comes in super handy. Not only that, it's green, full of goodness and frankly nourishes the soul too. As it was such a refreshingly lush dish and incredibly easy for me to whip up with ease when not feeling my usual self, that I thought it was worth sharing with you all. 

Alongside words, cooking is how I heal and have a creative outlet in all this, the bonkers but beautiful path we are on.

As I wind down and start my maternity leave, the journal will become more of a lifestyle space, alongside our wares, where I will share more of our slow, day to day simplicity with you all.

Simple Summer Supper

A green feast of courgetti spaghetti, with peas and kale pesto

2 courgettes, spiralised

100g peas

For the pesto

45g cashew nuts

35g pine nuts

90g parmesan

3 garlic cloves

100ml (add more if needed) olive oil

90gm kale

To serve


Mint leaves

Fresh lemon juice

For the pesto, I added everything to a blender until smooth.  Placed the spiralised courgette into a bowl.  Add pesto paste and mix, with juice of half a lemon. Use as much/little of pesto you like but I only used half, saving the rest for another day!

Add the peas, top with crumbled feta and torn mint leaves.  Season with black pepper and ready to serve.

Job done.

The feta is an additional flourish and can be left out or played around with.  A great base for creating your own dishes.

I'd love to hear how you mix up yours x