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MOSS Out & About | Hepworth Gallery Wakefield

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Hello hello

It's been an exciting and busy time since I last wrote. Since I 'crossed the bridge' and started to find my self and voice a bit more.  I am saying yes to more, doing my damnedest to quash the 'cannot's'. All steps in the right direction.

Last weekend, we visited The Hepworth Gallery Wakefield.  At first together, to soak up Barbara Hepworth and the Howard Hodgkin exhibition.  It's one of the best galleries we've had the pleasure of seeing in a long time.

The Hepworth exhibition spans the artist's whole career, with over 30 pieces across all mediums; beautiful curated. Having seen much of her sculpture, it was wonderful to see sketchbooks, studies, alongside painted pieces. The elements of nature and form, alongside a deep understanding of light, reminded me of why I fell for her philosophy and aesthetic as a teenager.

A quote from Hepworth herself, has stayed with me:

'Perhaps what one wants to say is formed in childhood and the rest of one's life is spent trying to say it.'

One to ponder.

Where Hepworth's work is serene and contemplative, Hodgkins is a riot of texture and colour. With focus on Hodgkin's travel in India, the colour of the exhibit immerses you physically and mentally. Bold, powerful, yet with a dream like quality.

The two artist's showcase compliment each other brilliantly.

Not only is the building fantastic for accessibility and kids, it's brutalist concrete exterior is surprisingly warm and inviting inside. The cafe's mushroom and aubergine burger is something everyone should try too; delicious!

Over that weekend, I then took part of their gallery Summer Fair. It was a great chance to meet other makers and doers, as well as meeting lovely folk who passionately support independent businesses. All in a lush location, couldn't have asked for a better weekend.

Thank you to all of you gorgeous folk who came and supported us. We will be doing more markets and fairs in the Autumn, so keep your eye on our MOSS adventures and please do come say hi.