Power of The Pen



The new term feeling, the season's shift once more. I seem to be aligned with our season's for writing on here! Ingrained in every bit of me, the new term feeling, a new chapter about to begin.

Not just a metaphor, as September is also the anniversary month of Rob’s brain haemorrhage, that fateful day which shattered our world and has led to this point. And here we are, almost four years in, still recovering, still learning. Still loving, finding our way.

When Rob came round from his coma, the impact of the brain haemorrhage was not just physical but he was unable to communicate; no speech and couldn't  read or write. But I had an idea to help him, that creativity and our roots as designers could help.

Intuition led to me to supporting Rob, instinctively, all my senses triggered, I knew what he needed. My gut and my heart powered me on. To me it was obvious, like an inner knowing, Rob was a designer too.

I thought if he can’t talk, perhaps he can draw.

And if not, let’s show him how.

At first, it was how to hold the pen. Then with a simple set of shapes, I’ll draw a triangle, now you copy; a triangle, a circle, a square. Soon, it came back. After drawing shapes and animals, most importantly a beloved bike, it started to flow.

The mechanics of holding a pen, the textual and tangible feeling of the paper, the weight of the pen and age old process of mark making, was soothing and cathartic; it reminded Rob of what he could do.

All of this came to me instinctively, all my senses and my gut guiding me, showing me the way, this is what I can do to help him. I had no idea that this was an actual thing.

I have since learned, that the physicality of drawing with pen to paper, hashing out thoughts encourages snapping synapses, triggering new brain cells, creating new connections.

It’s called Neurogenesis.

I recently read an article where Scott Barry Kaufman, the scientific director of the Imagination Institute at the University of Pennsylvania, explains that sketching is so powerful as neutrons in different sections start snapping; it gets different parts of the brain to focus on improvisation and making connections.

Not only that, but the combination of motor and cognitive processing promotes increased brain activity; essential for your brain to grow and develop.

It's not just art and sketching; it applies to writing too. The pen to paper; a pure physical and joyous thing.  It's considered, it's your brain in the flow.  Your attention and focus is on one pure and simple task.  No distractions. A form of mindfulness, meditation.

In our ever evolving tech first world, we are moving further and further away from this practice, from this skill.  And I am so passionate about it, as without the power of the pen, Rob's recovery would be a very different story.  

This is the reason for our collection of notebooks; the selection of the paper weight, texture, the shade all deeply considered.  A tactile, beautiful space for you to doodle or journal; to help your brain grow; to think differently and challenge your thoughts. A piece of our strength and determination, luxe plain pages, inspired by our story, for you on yours. 

Creating beauty out of the darkness, encouraging everyone to cherish every precious moment. And whatever your heartache, turn it into something.

Creativity heals. It soothes, it slows you down. Whether it’s doodles, poetry, or simply journaling, get it down on paper.

Pen or pencil to paper. The most powerful connection there is. Blank pages, ready, waiting for you to write your next chapter.

What’s it going to be?