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Slow down, gather moss

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These are strange times, scary times and something of the surreal.  And of course the perfect time to start back after a maternity break. The end of complacency for us as humanity is here and what that means as small business owner and how I go about change overwhelms me at times and brings on the wobbles of an existential crisis. Where will we end up, how will we get through, so many unknowns. 

Then I remember, I am doing all I can and taking control of what I can by staying home, by respecting the services and and systems in place.  

And then I remember, we have been through a lot. Perhaps an understatement. Yet we have faced intense fear, change, trauma and unknown over the last five years and have made it through. There is a resonance of my coping strategies through personal trauma that can be applied to the world trauma we are collectively grieving through right now.  What we have been through as a couple may well be of comfort to many at this moment in time. And what we’ve talking about for what seems like forever is now holding it’s own.

Slow down. Slowing is vital. Of course, physically we have stopped being so busy, yet our minds and home lives have taken up the baton of this.  Slowing down is good for the body and soul.  I know we are all in the same storm, yet full understand every boat and crew are different.  I don’t wish to cast a sweeping view as not everyone can, but I urge you, if there is space for 5 deep deep breaths, do it. Steady yourself and your mind.  Take control of one thing we can right now ; our breath. Close your eyes and simply focus on the breath in through the nose and out through the mouth. Do it now whilst reading this. Go on, shut your eyes and do a few deep breaths, the deepest breaths you’ve taken all day. If it doesn’t feel too woo woo, imagine your feet are tree roots, burrowing deep into the ground as you do. Or simply breathe.

Hi, welcome back. How did that feel? Bloody good I hope. Breathing is free and will help us through the times we feel we can’t get through or sense of overwhelm. Or feel out of sorts and need something after inhaling the fifth biscuit and realising the answers are not in the fridge.  If you are wishing to take this further, my candle meditation may be of interest and can be found here.

Take stock.  It’s gratitude for all you do have and can do which will help with the mentality as we navigate this horrendous situation. It won’t polish it or sugar coat it, but if you have food, if you have company, even if it’s someone to argue with, if you are safe, if you are well, all of these simple things are in fact golden. Relish, revel in them.  I challenge you to reframe your view point.

Cherish every moment. The new facial hair your spouse is growing or wrinkle that’s appearing or the kids growing taller. All things that cannot be noticed at the usual pace of life, yet ground us and remind us of what we are all going through. Honour this moment in history, in time, where you remember every tiny beautiful thing.  

Tune in to your senses. Fear when it takes hold, is ugly. It sparks anger, a distaste for all that is external and makes us withdrawn. Where the focus is on the We and not me, our actions come from a better and more considered place. Yes, tune in to yourself and your needs with love and gentleness, listen to the fearful voice yet give it a hug and sit with it until you feel better or the voice has softened a little. More  self love, compassion for ourselves will then in turn allow room for others. Let go of the fear, open your heart and mind, to face everything and rise. 

Compassion. Compassion and kindness the new currency. This is what will see us through the darkest of times and to the new world order. Compassion for ourselves and in turn, others, remembering and respecting our place within community not only helps others, but is one of the biggest healing things we can do for each other. Give without expecting to receive. Love unconditionally. Love heals.

If you’ve followed us for a while, you’ll know that none of this is new, just a wee reminder. Mainly for myself, yet perhaps it may help you through too. I have no idea what you’re all going through, but know, whatever it may be alongside all of this madness, there is a way through. 

And whenever it gets dark, remember we always have a choice as to how we respond. Hold on, embrace the shadows, yet choose light.