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Seasons Change

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Hello hello

Another month has passed since I last wrote. And oh what a month of adventures it has been!  

Back in the swing of our urban nomadic adventures; different from how we were before, but definitely getting back into the world and making the most of it, inch by inch.

We ended the summer with the last long bank holiday weekend away with friends in Winchester. A beautiful historic city, with a few gems of independent stores and coffee shops, with nature on the doorstep. And the heat, as the sun finally came out, which was delightful!  

After that, we hit the road again and ended August at a dear friend's wedding. Wonderful to be in the Cotswolds, one of our favourite place to be.  Look out of future posts on our top tips in all these great places.

And finally September arrived! My favourite month of the year. And what a start. Glamour magazine did a wonderful feature; The Moment That Made Me. It's been incredible to share my career path and why I am doing what I do, with such a fab publication.

September is also fig season. Something I am slightly obsessed with; on my porridge, with honey in salad, with cheese. Pretty much with anything. It's also an integral ingredient to our No3. scent, Doddington on An Autumn Morning. The season's shift and the perfect time to hunker down with this scent. It's all about fig's.

It was also our first trade show at Top Drawer in London; an incredible achievement and proud to have made the bold step.  I met some great people and it was  fantastic to share the brand and our story. I won't lie, it was an emotional rollercoaster; one I couldn't have done without support from family and friends. Truly grateful to everyone who has supported me along the way.

The week after that I was in a mild daze and post show come down. But was buoyed by another trip last week; for another gorgeous friend's wedding and to deliver The Foundation collection to our new Altrincham stockist, Edit & Oak.  A fantastic lifestyle store near Alty Market, a beacon of hope for the independent scene in the North West. Another winner of a location. Which is worth a whole blog post in itself, so look out for that one, coming soon.

September ended on a bittersweet note; the 3 year anniversary of Rob's brain haemorrhage. Of the day our life changed in a heartbeat. We refer to it as Rob's new birthday and always make sure we get away, just the two of us. For reflection and rejoicing. To be be reminded of what's happened and how far we've come. To remind ourselves that life is for living. 

And boy, I needed that reminder.

I had started to put incredible pressure on myself to achieve, anxious, beating myself up for not being where I thought I should be, comparing myself to other's, striving to get back to the level and pace I was once capable of. When actually, none of it matters. A lot of it I now recognise is linked to the 'anniversary effect' and all just emotions I need to process and still grieve for. I am right here, right now, exactly where I need to be. I cannot compete with my old self and old life anymore. Nor do I want to. This is my life now; forging a path, creating something beautiful, cherishing and relishing every moment, taking it slow, so slow that path gathers MOSS.

Let's see what October brings.