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Shine on

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Well, hello.  

What a glorious summer we are having! This year has been turbulent to say the least. Life with brain injury is one built on shifting sands. And then there is simply the up's and down's of life itself too. Yet we have full hearts, gratitude for love, for a proper summer, the warmth on our golden skin. Not having to wear knitwear or take a coat! Bliss.

It's like being back in Hong Hong. It feels like home.

I last wrote about grieving for all that was lost, yet I was determined to power on with my mission. The mission to create beautiful things and share our story, our journey. With the strains of caring, feeling incredibly low and lost, riddled by self doubt, fearing what the world would think of it all, I simply stopped.

That was just as Winter came to an end, Spring in the air, before we got snowed in (!) before blossoms had truly sprung. I had the realisation that I was the one who had got us this far and I had to keep moving, inch by inch. It was time to bloom.

Like a snake shedding a skin, I started to shift. And talk. About being a carer and frankly how brain injury is insane, frustrating, overwhelming yet beautiful. 

I have shared my story on podcasts, most recently the delightful power house that is Sara Tasker of Me & Orla. Not only that, but I have shared my story with other blog platforms too, such as Wilma Journal, Women Who Create and FEquals with Danielle Newnham.

My absolute highlight was speaking with Lauren Laverne in June, boldly stating my role as a creative and carer to the nation, live on BBC 6Music! Sharing our story and some bloody good tunes at the same time!

Writing it all down has served a purpose for me. To recognise what I have done; what I am doing. It's incredibly important to celebrate ourselves, not stay small for fear of what others may say or think.  

I am living proof; that by opening and radiating, by unfurling the tightly wound real me, folk are starting to listen, starting to see me. To be seen, to be heard is incredibly powerful. As the wonderful Maya Angelou stated "There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you".

Opening up has brought it's challenges too; self doubt still rears it's ugly head and fear is a dear old friend, which I have come to understand is coming along for the ride. But more so, it's brought me love and connection. It's opened my world and shown me that sharing my heart and baring my soul, truly helps others.

This has bowled me over.  By taking one step at a time, some sideways, a few back, my intention to support those who are going through similar heartache, is happening. The evolution of myself, by openly and bravely sharing, has impacted individuals. And I'm so damn pleased to hear from you, wherever you are in the world. It makes my heart sing!  

I remain in awe of the gift of life and love, the fact Rob and I have a second chance to truly live, together. I am still caring, learning, finding my way on this new path. But I will keep on sharing my heart; if you share yours.  

Let's share our darkness and our light. And keep talking about what it means to be; to feel, to heal; the wonder and beauty of being. A human being.

Shine on x