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A lot of folk are perplexed as to what we do, what we stand for and why we even started. As we have reached our anniversary, I wanted to write and help provide some clarity. For you dear reader, but more so as a cathartic and affirming process for myself.

MOSS is short for Moments Of Sense & Style. To value and celebrate those moments, yet also a play on words.  

Our life before was nomadic; always on the move, flying at an insane pace and never still. As they say; a rolling stone gathers no moss.

The old adage rings true. After years of travelling and working abroad, the time to stay still has come. Funny how life unfolds unexpectedly. 2 years and 9 months on, we are still learning and being challenged every day.  

But we are finally coming to terms with it all; able to grow into the place in which we find ourselves. To stop rolling, take roots; gather some moss.

It all started as a blog; a place to deal with trauma through writing, visceral imagery and song. Through this story telling, it became apparent I needed an outlet alongside being a carer, to put my years of experience to good use.  In December last year, our first collection was launched, with our second in April.

Moments Of Sense & Style is not only a brand; it's a design studio, a creative outlet, a saviour.  And we are officially 6 months old.

It is evolving into a creative platform; not only a space for me to create beautiful products, but to collaborate on design projects, provide creative direction, write; all forms of expression and services are on offer, as I find my professional feet once more.

To get involved in as many creative projects I can. All with the ethos of simplicity, refined beauty and celebrating those precious moments. And when the time is right, Rob will do what he can, when he can, as he has not lost his incredible creative talent despite the trauma he's suffered.

Thank you for joining us on our journey. I do hope you continue to follow as we continue to grow, take roots and more steps forward.

And if you have a project or collaboration in mind, would like to stock our products or even just fancy a natter then please do get in touch. I'd love to hear from you.

Until then,

Syreeta x