Motivational Speaking

 Syreeta Challinger TEDx


Syreeta Challinger speaks from the heart. Believing creativity heals, Syreeta is passionate about sharing her story; it's honest, raw and real. By sharing her heart, positive outlook, it helps others. Connects people and brings people together. 

Syreeta has a remarkable skill to motivate and move all at once. With a message of strength, love and courage, she inspires her audience with her humanity, compassion and bravery; reminding us all about what it means to be human. 

Life. Being a human, is not linear. Sometimes joyful, sometimes messy. Other times dark and desperately painful. Yet Syreeta believes it’s all beautiful and worthy of being talked about. The good in the bad, the bad in the good. Something she learnt the hard way. 

On 27th September 2014, Syreeta’S world changed in a heartbeat. On the second day of a holiday in Sydney, her partner Rob, suffered a near fatal brain haemorrhage and stroke aged 37. 

Following this life shattering event, Syreeta and Rob moved across the world and began a slow and difficult journey of recovery and rebuilding of their lives. This experience and new chapter brought  Syreeta to found Moments Of Sense & Style, a lifestyle brand and consultancy. 

Their ethos is founded in love, in simplicity; in beauty. They believe in compassion. In creativity. In connection. In celebrating your skills and craft, regardless of what’s happened to you and recognising the importance of  showing diverse pathways through life.

These unique life experiences coupled with over 15 years’ experience in design, sourcing, developing and manufacturing, have enabled Syreeta to push forward with her own brand, as well as supporting other businesses to flourish. 

Having lived and worked throughout Asia and Europe, across Fashion and Sportswear disciplines, Syreeta gained impeccable knowledge across both brand and supplier environments.  It’s through consultancy and mentoring, Syreeta is able to support other brands, all through her unique lens of beauty.

Syreeta sheds a light on her own experiences to show others there is a way through.

Syreeta has built a business, a truly personal brand from the ashes of her old life, that shines brighter than she ever did before. Having shared her experience at TEDx, Syreeta has also been featured by The Times, BBC 6 Music, Sara Tasker (me_and_orla), Project Love, FEquals and many more.

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