I used to thrive on ideas, creative problem solving and design. I was living in Hong Kong and loved it. It was quite an adventure, although prior to Asia, I was fortunate enough to work in London, Manchester and Dubai for top creative agencies.

My now wife Syreeta and I had a lovely life and managed to work hard, but play hard too, even travelling to other countries out east including, Indonesia and  Japan. In September 2014, we went on holiday to Australia. We landed and immediately set about exploring the city on bikes. From the suburbs down to Sydney harbour. It was a great first day.

Tragically, the second day I collapsed with a severe brain haemorrhage. It’s been an intense and traumatic few years and as a result I am paralysed on my right side, suffering from Aphasia which impacts my speech. Reading and writing is a challenge too, as my sight is impaired. But to draw is therapeutic. And thankfully I have always been left handed! Life is challenging and at times incredibly hard. But art and drawing is therapeutic, it’s a new thing for me. 

Hope you like it.