Symbolic of solitude and beauty. A limited edition print, with donation of sales to charity.

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Slow Down

Stillness. Simplicity. 

Restoring our soul is necessary in our ever switched on world.

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Create calm

With a ritual of striking a match, lighting a candle; announce your quiet time.

The Foundation Collection shares our story through scent, carrying  our message of strength, courage and hope; of love and beauty. To lift and inspire you on yours.

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A sensory Journey

Whether it be Hong Kong where it all started, biking in Sydney where it all changed or the lush Lincolnshire fields the lands we are on now; each one embodies the message of love and hope.


Do it in style

No matter what you're going through, there's always a way through.

Choose Light.


The Odyssey

Odyssey; a journey, an adventure of epic proportions and a perfect namesake for the notebook collection, inspired by our journey.

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The notebooks are a luxe; made of the finest pages of GF Smith paper. Designed in Lincolnshire. Hand bound in Lincolnshire. Proudly British.


The Phoenix

The power of the pen.

A unique collection, the result of drawing to heal and rehabilitate after brain injury. 

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Line Art collection

Creativity heals.

A poignant triptych; a series of beautiful line drawings align with our brand story.

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Work With Me

Hello, I'm Syreeta. My philosophy and way of working is to deliver creative that is beautiful, simple and powerful. Beauty; love, product, story telling and aesthetics are my forte. Whether it be through words, visuals, trend direction or tangible product. It's my thing. I can help you get from seed of an idea, to where you want your business or life to be.

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Public Speaking

Syreeta speaks from the heart. Believing creativity heals, Syreeta is passionate about sharing her story; it's honest, raw and real with a remarkable skill to motivate and move all at once.

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Our Story Shared