The Foundation Collection

A Foundation

An elegant triptych of scented candles.

Each one integral to the remarkable brand story; a scented journey.

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A Scented Journey

Whether it be Hong Kong where they met, biking in Sydney before that life changing day or the lush Lincolnshire fields where they now live, share the journey.


The Odyssey

Odyssey; a journey, an adventure of epic proportions and a perfect namesake for the notebook collection, inspired by their journey.

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The notebooks are made of the finest pages of GF Smith paper. Designed in Lincolnshire. Hand bound in Lincolnshire. Proudly British.


The Phoenix

The power of the pen.

A unique collection, the result of drawing to heal and rehabilitate after brain injury. 

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Line Art collection

Creativity heals.

A poignant triptych; a series of beautiful line drawings align with our brand story.

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Syreeta Challinger

22 Feb, 2018

Note to Self

I find writing cathartic, yet last wrote at the shift in the season's from Summer to Autumn, in October last year.

For many reasons; I haven't written since.

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Cross The Bridge

07 Jul, 2017

Cross The Bridge

It's almost a week since I returned from a week 'out'. Why had I waited so long to educate and nourish my soul, to learn to deal with this thing called life?

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